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Monday, July 25, 2011

You Are More Than You Think You Are

"You are much grander than you think you are."
~Asara Lovejoy

While it is certainly true that many people hide their brilliance behind a veil of false modesty, the reality is that none of us (not even the most arrogant) can really capture how much we are truly capable of.  No matter what you think you really are, you are always something more.  In part this is because we are not able to completely understand all that we are and can be.  We have not yet thought of ideas and creations we will manifest, nor  dreamed the dreams we will make come true.  All of that potential swims around in some sea of our unconscious until the time is right to emerge.  You don't have to toot your own horn and brag about how grand you are and can be.  All you need to do is to keep open to the possibility that you may not yet know how grand you are.

This week:  Take some time to look back at your life so far.  Notice in particular if there were times when you limited yourself with how you thought about your capabilities.  Acknowledge that maybe those limitations weren't really true.  Think about times when you overcame obstacles or achieved more than you thought you could.  Think about dreams you may have given up on because you didn't think something was possible.  Now think ahead to the future.  What would you want to do if you knew it was completely possible?  What would you do if you knew you had all the resources you needed?  What would you be if you could be anything?  Open yourself up to all the possibilities.  Now, devise some ritual that will help keep you open to your own possibilities.  What could you say or do that will remind you that you are much grander than you think?  

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert at helping people stretch beyond their mindset limitations.  She specializes in helping people let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, and often utilizes intensive sessions over a 4 day period to help people break through in some area of their lives.  For more information, go to http://www.InnerResourceCenter.com . 


Anonymous said...

"We have not yet thought of ideas and creations we will manifest" ... Thanks Linda for this reminder, exhortation, and encouragement.

I have been spending a lot of time in my Business Journal writing about just this. 2011 was designated a year for transition and transformation; not by me, but by the spirits of those I love and serve. Your post is so timely with where I am in this journey.

Thanks again,

Kristina said...

I remember one summer in college when I wanted to intern with a particular company. I called the owner every single day. I went to every event he would be at just to be seen. One day he answered the phone. When he heard my name, I heard a sigh. He knew what I wanted. I asked for the internship and got it. I wore him down, but I eventually proved myself to him and got a paying job. I think about that summer every day. It reminds me that when I truly want something, nothing will stop me. Sometimes I get too scared to think that big, but your challenge reminds me that nothing can stop me. A big, huge thanks for that reminder!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that acknowledging limitations is something that takes a great deal of self-insight and risk. It's so vital and necessary, and to my mind usually a person needs help to do it.

Tiffany deSilva said...

Great post! I love the phrase, "No matter what you think you are, you are always something more." I'm going to add this to my favorite quotes. What a great perspective to have.

Linda Pucci, PhD said...

Love your story, Kristina! No wonder you are such a genius with PR--you know how to get noticed!

The Professional Commuicator's Coach said...

Wonderful post and so timely - I have also just written an article on creating a vision to build confidence.

I love your comment "All you need to do is to keep open to the possibility that you may not yet know how grand you are." staying open to possibility is such a valuable thing to do however not something society encourages - doing so therefore takes courage and self respect.
Love it!
Heidi Alexandra

Mary Ellen said...

Linda, I love the quote! What a great way to look at oneself. Also, I enjoyed reading more about you/your bio. this time.