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Monday, July 11, 2011

It All Begins With Your Imagination

"First comes thought; 
then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; 
then transformation of those plans into reality. 
The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."

~Napoleon Hill

Sometimes people wonder about how to do strategic planning.   It isn't something magical.  It involves following these steps to create the plan for your organization or for your life.   First comes thought--the vision--what you imagine things could be like.  Then you break down that vision into ideas and plans, then begin to take action steps to make those plans comes true.  The beginning, though, is in your imagination.  It is the vision, the passion, the idea that "I really WANT this."  The magic is in the compelling vision, because that is what drives it all.

This week:  Do you have a vision of something you'd like to have happen in your life or career?  Is it compelling?  Do you feel passionately about it?  If not, play with it until you can experience those emotions that tell you it is a must have. If so, create a plan to make it happen.  Then break that plan into smaller steps and take action.  Do at least one small action today.  And at least once a day, reconnect with that vision, that passion, that compelling future that emerged from your imagination.  Stay connected to it because that is what will keep you moving forward toward achieving it.  

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert in helping people identify their vision, mission and life purpose.  She specializes in helping people figure out HOW, to access their resources and to create the steps to easily achieve their goals.  For more information, go to http://www.InnerResourceCenter.com


Kristina Shands said...

I love the simplicity of your post and the idea of taking one small step each day that moves you toward your vision. Love it.

The Professional Commuicator's Coach said...

I agree with this approach I believe in this process:
Heidi Alexandra

Anonymous said...

Linda, what you outline Storyteller Kim Weitkamp calls the "ignition point." She recently made me remember mine. Thanks for your encouragement that what we envision can become reality.

Mary Ellen said...

Linda, thanks for the reminder. Every few weeks I break out my strategic plan and look at it again to help remind me of the path I'm on!

Linda Pucci, PhD said...

That is so perfect, Mary Ellen. Too often we do a strategic plan and it stays in a drawer or file in the computer.

Sue Painter said...

You are teaching the basics of manifestation, perfect! :-)