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Monday, April 5, 2010

Personal Growth Can Have the Biggest Impact

"Of all the things that can have an effect on your future, I believe personal growth is the greatest. We can talk
about sales growth, profit growth, asset growth, but all of this probably will not happen without personal growth."

— Jim Rohn

I completely agree with Jim about this.  We bring ourselves to everything we do.  When we invest our energy, our ideas, our time and our money we infuse our businesses with a piece of ourselves.  Making yourself the best YOU can be helps make your business the best it can be.  Even if you are not in your own business, you help shape the business you work for or the causes you volunteer for, or the family you are raising.  Bring your best to the table.  Significant impact can come from small changes or small efforts toward your own personal growth.

This week:  Just notice the impact you bring to the things you do.  Notice the impact you and your ideas have on those around you.  Is there an area where you would like to increase your impact?  Ask yourself "What would I need to improve in myself to do that?"  Take an hour out out your week to focus on an area in which you would like to improve.  Notice the impact that has on your life, your business, your family and people with whom you come into contact.   These small changes can have a significant effect.

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert in personal and professional growth and development.  She specializes in helping people let go of the "mental clutter" in their lives--those negative emotions and limiting beliefs which block their success and happiness.  For more information, go to http://www.innerresourcecenter.com/

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