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Monday, August 29, 2011

Believe in Your True Self

"There is but one cause of human failure. 
And that is man's lack of faith in his true Self."

~William James

We so often sell ourselves short.  We believe that what needs to be done is beyond our abilities.  We allow past experiences to mold our beliefs and keep us from stepping up to tackle challenges again.  If we really believed in our true Self, what could be possible?  Your true Self is all the potential you hold inside you, even though you haven't realized it yet.  It is the dreams you dream; the hopes you have, and the desire to be more than you express in your every day life.  We block ourselves from believing in our true Self by hanging on to beliefs that might have once been true but really no longer serve us.  Beliefs like "I'm not good enough," or "I don't deserve," or "I don't know enough."  If you can begin to allow your true Self to shine through, you can achieve anything.  Don't you owe that to yourself--and to others?

This week:  Notice when you block yourself with mindset limitations.  What really stands in the way of your success?  If you are finding excuses in the economy, or some limitation you think you have, be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself:  "How am I blocking my true Self?"  Be honest about who your true Self really is, what he/she is really capable of.  Now think of one SMALL thing you can do to allow yourself to express your true Self.  Do that one thing this week.  Notice what happens to your faith in yourself. 

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert in helping people overcome mindset limitations and other "mental clutter" that blocks their success and happiness.  When you let go of those negative beliefs and mental clutter, you may room for your authentic Self to express all those things of which you are truly capable.  For more information about her solution focused approach and variety of services she offers, go to http://www.InnerResourceCenter.com


Kristina said...

Thanks, Linda. Sometimes I find it difficult to have faith in myself and what I am doing. At those times, I look back at who I have served and the difference I have made. That seems to keep the doubts at bay, for a little while anyway. Love the idea that I owe it to myself to be my TRUE self.

Sue Painter said...

I believe that uncovering one's true self is ongoing, because we change as we get more life experience. And that journey is the real deal. Thanks, Linda.

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks Linda. You are so right that sometimes we create our own road blocks!

Anonymous said...

It is so true that we often sell ourselves short. Sometimes it takes the voices of others for us to see that true value.

I was with a coaching client today. We were working on her personal brand. I called in two people with whom she works closely and trusts deeply. I engaged them in the conversation to find my client's answer to, "What do you do?" It was truly a validating, positive experience for her.

Tiffany deSilva said...

Limiting beliefs are rarely, if ever, true. Most of the time they are just excuses that accept at face value. I love the idea of embracing your True Self.

The Professional Commuicator's Coach said...

Awesome post - brief and yet cuts straight to the heart.
I love how you express that we block ourselves from believing in our true Self by hanging on to beliefs that might have once been true but really no longer serve us. The challenge is truly getting out of our egos way and really allowing our true self to shine through.
Thanks for sharing this post
heidi alexandra