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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Secret to Success Is Being Ready

"The great secret of success in life is for a man 

to be ready when his opportunity comes."

~Benjamin Disraeli

There are a lot of secrets about success, but this one is vital.  Opportunities may come to us, but we may not ready for them.  When we are not ready, we either ignore them, completely oblivious to them, or we attempt to seize the opportunity, but cannot deliver.  We are not ready for that opportunity, and thus, cannot really use it fully.  In this time of economic challenge, people are waiting for opportunities.  But they may be doing little to get ready for those opportunities.  It is a perfect use of your "waiting time" to do what you need to do to be ready, so that you will be able to use the opportunity fully. 

This week:  Ask yourself: "What do I need to do to really be ready to seize the opportunities that come to me?  Is there personal work I need to do to keep myself from self-sabotage?  Are there things I need in my business or in my career that can help better support me when opportunities come along?  Are there skills I need to further develop?"  Write down the ideas that come to you.  You might also want to ask a trusted friend or associate these questions.  Come up with a plan to implement growth in at least one area to help you get ready to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming your way.   Once you have that plan, take the first step!  (Planning isn't enough--you have to take action, too). 

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert in helping people overcome obstacles to their success.  She specializes in helping people overcome mindset limitations and ways that they sabotage themselves. For more information and free resources, go to http://www.InnerResourceCenter.com


Anonymous said...

Linda, your post reminds me of much of what I read in Gladwell's "Outliers".We too easy write off our lack of progress because it seems - based on our observation of others - that success comes from being in the right place at the right time. Well ... only partially. As Gladwell points out, those folks we envy were indeed in the right place; BUT they recognized and opportunity and they TOOK it. They were indeed ready as they had been working consiously on mastering their passion.

creativelyfit said...

Linda, I love this! "Being ready" also ensures that you are expecting opportunity, rather than focusing on any lack thereof. Saying, "I better get ready for my ..." will help you attract what you are wishing for. Thanks, Linda for reminding me of this principle!

Linda Pucci, PhD said...

I like your point, Whitney--that when you talk about being ready you are anticipating opportunity. So true!

Santoshamo said...

Great! Having just completed the PEAT Processors trainers training, my brain is alive with all the possibilities. And Waiting is one of the ways I tend to self sabotage. Not this time! I'll be making my list and clearing my way to sharing this profound work! Thanks Linda!