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Monday, October 25, 2010

You Create Your Life By How You Live It

"Everything you see happening is the consequence of that which you are."

~Dr. David Hawkins

We create our lives by how we live them.  If our lives are filled with drama, it is because we have been living that drama and buying into it.  If you are unhappy and dissatisfied, it may be because you have been focused on that unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  When you begin to change your focus and begin to change your thinking, you can begin to change how you are living, and your life circumstances change as well.

This week: Notice where your focus is.  Are you focused on the negative?  If so, is it translating into how your life is turning out?  What do you really believe about yourself?  If you are focused on all that you are lacking, do you also find that your life is lacking?   Really look at how your life is a reflection of yourself.  If you don't like how your life is going, what do you need to change about yourself?  Identifying it is the first important step.  Once you identify what you would like to change, begin to make a plan for changing it.  Ask for help from others if you need it.  The time to create the life you want is NOW.

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and expert in helping people create lives that are congruent with their life's purpose.  She specializes in helping people overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage their happiness and success, often in transformational intensive sessions.  For more information, go to http://www.innerresourcecenter.com/


Kristina Shands said...

I started working with a group that is full of drama. Before, I would allow myself to get caught up in it all and lose focus. When I concentrate on the goals at hand, the drama fades away. I can sit back and laugh at those who buy into the chaos. I love the reminder to focus on what we want in and from life.

gregg said...

I find this to be so true with people who are miserable in their jobs. It's so important to interweave your work and family together. They need to be one in the same.....there is where I have found more peace in my life. Thanks Linda

Sue said...

Once again, the power of focus...so great to pull us away from what doesn't serve us and toward what we do want.
Sue Painter

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us to live from the inside out!

I also enjoyed Preacher's post. Thanks for being such a good steward of his so he can keep on sharing his equine wisdom with us.

Santoshamo said...

When I first read this, I somehow construed it to look at what am I focusing on that is really working! I kind of liked that! What I see that is working is that I am gathering around me a team of people I can trust and enjoy working with! I love the power and focus of our mastermind group. I'm feeling the power of having clarity of focus for my 2011! And, I am so grateful for the focus it took to make time to spend time with friends like you.