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Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Experiences Create a Way to Transform Yourself

"Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!"

~Ram Dass

All the experiences we have can be a source of positive learning.  Even the people and events that challenge us or we view as "negative" have a lesson to teach us to help us move forward.  Transformation requires us to be willing to change in a big way.  It requires us to perceive things differently.  We can take the experiences we have had (even the negative ones) and use them to change our lives and those of others.  Our lives and the events we experience are the perfect vehicle to transform us into who we want to be.  The first step?  You have to be willing to believe that it is possible. 

This week: Think about some of the experiences that have been significant in your life. If you still have some negative emotions attached to those experiences, begin to think about them in a different way.  What did you learn about yourself from having gone through that experience?  What strengths did you discover?  Where has your life taken you as a result of that experience?  Although you might not have chosen that experience if given a choice about it, what good has come from it?  Now notice the experiences you have this week.  Are there ways of viewing the experience which hold the potential for transformation?  Is there a failure you've learned from?  Is there a success that could move you in a totally different direction?  Where are the opportunities in your experiences for transformation.  If possible, do some writing or journaling about it.  Allow yourself to imagine change coming from an experience in your life.  When you do this, you can begin to see the possibilities for change in everyday experiences. 

Linda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach and certified trainer.  She often works intensively with clients to help them move forward quickly and transform some area of their life.  "You have to be willing and ready," she says, "but you can make significant, lasting, transformative changes in as little as 4 days."  She utilizes her 30+ years of experience and cutting edge techniques to bring about change easily.  For more information, go to http://www.innerresourcecenter.com/


Anonymous said...

Linda, when writing my book I wanted to tell a particular story of finding strength in weakness. When one of my advanced readers read the story I used to highlight this, she wrote me to correct the story. You see, she was there and remembered it more accurately. That was so powerful for me as, being an observer, she was impacted by the strength I called on to get through that weak moment.

Thank you for reminding us of how experiences, and the people with whom we share those experiences, transform us.

gregg said...

Going through my financial mess, I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, couldn't understand why it was happening at the time. Once I could remove some of the negative feelings, I realized that I had to turn our mess into our message. Needless to say, that experience has transformed me....thanks for sharing

Kristina Shands said...

Being able to shift how you think about a situation or event is so important, but often so hard (for me anyway). I like that you have given me this challenge for the week. Looks like I have some transforming to do:)

Sue said...

It's great to see a Ram Dass quote here, I've studied with him for years and years. Our experiences and the interpretation we give them are so often two different things and cause all sorts of inner havoc. Great post, Linda.
Sue P.

Mary Ellen said...

Linda, I particularly like your suggestion to journal through both the positive and negative experiences. I have found this to be an extremely helpful habit that I began once I started my business. It is part of my regular morning prayer time.

creativelyfit said...

I SO AGREE! My two top personal mantras right now are 1. Everything is working out perfectly. and 2. Obstacles are really opportunities. Thanks, Linda!